The Third Madarach, otherwise known as Reiuji 'Paulus' McCabe, is the supreme commander of the Paulite people, and the current lord of Canaan.

In the tabletop game, he is a 1000 XP commander. [The standard range of the highest ranked commander types.]


The Third Madarach is of the third generation of Paul's descendants. Only one living son of the line can ever get the title of 'Madarach', the supreme ruler of Canaan, and he is the third and current holder.

Reiuji McCabe decided to give himself the imperial name 'Paulus' to honor his progenitor. He is thusly called Madarach Paulus by the Paulite people.

Game StatsEdit

Madarach Paulus is a 1000 XP point commander who specializes in empowering grunts and their abilities. He is best used with the the elite Paulite Hierophant Guards Army List. He has the following Feats and Weaknesses:


Undying Loyalty, Coordinated Assault, Phalanx, Force of Personality[1], Lead the Defense[2], Lead the Assault[2]


No Second Chances, Dwell on the Kill, Dwell on your Failures, Blind to Danger, Grand Parade